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Scott, LA 70583

About Us

Data Specialties Group is a Data Monitoring manufacturing and services company that provides integrated solutions to critical operations creating a safer Work environment.

Quality Service • Well Site Support

  • Data Specialties Group offers data acquisition equipment that ensures data is secure and available in real time.
  • Real time information brings the well data directly to the client via satellite or radio networks, which eliminates the need to travel to the well site and improves safety of operations. This information also allows multiple well sites to be monitored from one location.
  • Data Specialties Group also has the capabilities to service existing client data acquisition systems.

Well Profile Visualization Technology

Safety Info

Data Engineers have at least 3 years of electronic repair/maintenance experience before they can be employed with Data Specialties Group.

Minimum training requirements for our Data Engineers are:

  • T2 Certification
  • SafeGulf
  • SafeLand
  • Fall Protection End User
  • Water Survival/HUET
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Defensive Driving
  • Fire Protection
  • Behavior Based Safety
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Fire Protection
  • Electrical Safety
  • NORM
  • HazCom
  • H2S
  • First Aid
  • PPE
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Access to Medical Records
  • Power Tools
  • JSA
  • HazWoper
  • Stop Work Authority
  • Marine Debris
  • Substance Abuse
  • Hot Work
  • Offshore Transfer
  • Accident Reporting
  • Confined Space
  • Accident Prevention
  • Respiratory Protection.

Data Specialties Group is a member of ISNetworld and all Data Engineers are enrolled in the DISA program. Every employee at Data Specialties Group, from the President of the company to our new hires, plays an important role in our safety program.



ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standards

Surface Data Acquisition Systems (SDAS) • Well-Monitoring
Our Surface Data Systems can be configured to provide single-well data acquisition or multiple-well data acquisition from a single system. Our data acquisition equipment ensures that data is secure and well information is available in real-time. Real-time data allows operators to reduce costs with better production decisions, provide reservoir optimization and improve production management. Real time well data includes pressure, temperature, flow and fluid analysis.

Data Specialties Group provides equipment manufacturing of production surface systems for data acquisition and well monitoring.

Integrated service company for Major and independent Oil and Gas operators.

Services We Offer:

  • Systems Integration
  • Human Machine Interface Design and Programming
  • Ladder Logic Programming and Configuration Updates
  • Control and Safety Systems Commissioning for Oil and Gas Production Facilities
  • Natural Gas Compressor Control and Safety Systems Testing
  • Fire and Machinery Alarm Systems Installations and Troubleshooting
  • Serial Ethernet Fiber Optics Microwave Communications Technical Support
  • Data Logging and Analysis
  • Solar Power Generation System Design
  • RTU Calibration and Verification Testing
  • Surface Data Acquisition Troubleshooting
  • Down Hole Pressure Temperature Electronics Troubleshooting
  • Data Recovery
  • Technical Writing
  • Computer Networking
  • 3rd Party Verification and Testing
  • Modbus Communications Troubleshooting